the terracotta bluffs

The Terracotta Bluffs is a currently ongoing personal project I am basing off of an adventure drawing prompt list on social media deemed "Misadventure May" created by @mattydraws. As I started preparing for this prompt challenge, I realized I could encompass multiple areas of work that I have wanted to delve into for a project. Therefore, this series and eventually art book, has been born.

With this prompt list, I have (and will) use both illustration and graphic design as well has use multiple different brushes and textures to create the adventure. I have chosen colors that I will use throughout the drawings to keep them cohesive and interesting along with my drawing style.

Shown above are the character designs for the protagonist, Allegra and her companion, Briar as well as the logo I created for the kingdom itself using hand lettering and illustration. Shown below are the hand lettered and illustrated logos for the protagonists' shops as well as a landscape of the kingdom and a giant minotaur character walking home through a field.