senior thesis

For my senior thesis, my topic was about how bees influence our society. I created the imaginary company, "Buzz + Bounty" to promote awareness of this case for my project. I knew I wanted to do something different and a bit more warm and whimsical. This topic of the importance of bees seemed to fit the bill. From the beginning, I wanted to be able to include the areas of the arts that I most enjoy, including, illustration and package design. I was able to do that with this topic through my different pieces. 

For each of my pieces, I had to let the ideas in my head come to life and create different items for some of these as well. This included, doing an illustration of a bee, designing and cutting my own labels, finding specific items that I wanted to use in my photoshoots and using these items to make these environments in my photography come across as warm and homey to bring my point across. I wanted to focus on the things that people use that they may not realize that bees influence or how much those products may influence them as humans and the bees as well. Through my work, I believe that I was able to accomplish that.

In my editorial, I have described my thesis in more detail and displayed this through typography and through a photographic self portrait. 

Shown above, are four advertisements that I created for my thesis. Each one representing products that humans use that bees influence. Shown below, is the poster I created for my thesis as well as my initial logo designs for the project. For both the advertisements and poster, I took and edited my own original photography and for the poster I created, printed, cut and applied my own labels to the jars of products.