personal branding

My personal brand is something that is quite important to me and it is something that I feel that I will be constantly editing and improving. I believe that the way that you present yourself through your personal logos, resume and portfolio is a opportunity to show your design style and personality through a glance. 

For my most recent update of my personal brand and logo, I wanted to still have the interest and imperfection of a hand lettered piece, however I wanted it to feel more clean and light at the same time. I went with designing a fun font for my first name and for my last name, I drew a hand lettered version of the font, "Georgia".


I also wanted to include a nod to the 60s and 70s, some of my favorite design influences for most aspects of my life in both color and illustration. I decided to use my favorite color combination of chartreuse and a yellow orange in my logo and in a simplified illustrated animated gif of a plant pattern which I use in some iterations of my logo as well as throughout my website and portfolio.

Here is my previous personal logo. I hand lettered this piece and then transferred the design digitally to Adobe Illustrator. I wanted this to emulate my style color-wise as well as through the vintage inspired hand lettering.